Rates apply to both "in person" and "online"courses

The following rates apply to both « in person » and « online » courses. Payments for in person programmes are made on location; online courses payments are made by bank transfer to our account, IBAN given upon request before the lessons (certain banks use intermediaries who charge fees please note that any such fees will be at your cost).

Degressive prices for intensive courses:

Private lesson rate for one lesson of 45 minutes per week: 45 euros

Lessons packages FOR INTENSIVE COURSES (for at least 2 lessons of 45 minutes per week, TIME-BOUNDED) through zoom.us or in my classroom in Mormoiron:

–  400 euros for 10 lessons of 45 minutes
–  700 euros for 20 lessons of 45 minutes

Group lesson rate for one hour lesson:

– 2 students : 30 euros/student
– 3 students : 20 euros/student

Cancellation policy:

You might know that the normal announcement for a cancellation is 24 hours in advance in many private or single arrangements of all sorts of businesses. But the experience showed that it happens in almost all sorts of businesses that people get short term notifications which they couldn’t have foreseen 24 hours in advance. Therefore my cancellation policy is as follows (exceptions due to situation and circumstances are always possible):

24 hours in advance: No charge.
12 hours in advance: Half price of cancelled lessons.
Less than 12 hours in advance: Full price of cancelled lessons.