Melfi & me

What is MELFI ?

MELFI stands for Méthodes d’Enseignement de la Langue Française Interactives. Melfi @ la carte because flexible lesson options allow you to make the best use of your time and our friendly, intimate structure makes you feel at ease.

We are based in Mormoiron so you have the opportunity to stay here or in any of several nearby Provencal villages. For example, Melfi @Mormoiron is a short drive from Bedoin, Carpentras, Mazan, Caromb, Pernes-les-Fontaines or Venasque.

Hello, my name is Elodie. While studying for a bachelor’s degree in English and a Marster’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language, I worked in Edimburgh as a French assistant (1 year), followed training sessions in Trinity College and worked in l’Alliance Française in Dublin (3 months). After gaining my diplomas, I worked in several International French instituts as a teacher such as le CFPPA in Serres, le Céla in Avignon (2 years), le Céran Provence in Morières-les-Avignon (more than 2 years)  before creating Melfi@lacarte in 2006.