Interactive Approach

Interactive French language courses

Combine your learning style with the Melfi interactive approach for fast, visible and lasting results. Improve your ability to express yourself orally and in writing with our balanced approach to an all-around mastery of French.

We focus on developing your oral mastery of the language as it is spoken in everyday French life. Each lesson is inspired by how you express yourself and what you want to communicate.

Your progress is made easier through:

    • One-on-one French courses or small groups when possible (3 students maximum).
    • Communicative and interactive methods to suit your learning style and your personality.
    • Immediate and constant recourse to the French language.
    • Varied interactive learning tools that include linguistic ping-pong, role-plays, presentations and simulations.

After each lesson, we will provide immediate feedback and an evaluation of your progress. You will also be given homework and model phrases designed to help you review and master what you have just studied.

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