Course Overview

Immerse yourself in the "language bath"

Our communicative and interactive method puts the accent on oral expression and « the language bath »-”immersion in the French language as it is spoken in real life. How you express yourself and what you want to communicate inspire different activities. Through our Melfi immersion method, you will quickly be able to exchange ideas and points of view with native French speakers, whatever your level.

Lessons can be personalised to fit the demands of the student or take a more structured approach covering grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Whether privately or in a group, we take into account each individual’s personality, needs and expectations so that we can design a programme which will ensure the best results.

We keep your motivation and curiosity alive with a range of activities :

Oral Expression
Linguistic ping-pong, spoken presentations, simulations and role-plays of common situations quickly improve your ability to communicate on a daily basis. For example, we might simulate a telephone conversation, business meeting, restaurant ordering and various shopping scenarios. From dealing with administrative formalities to filling up your tank, visiting a doctor or pharmacy or going to a play or movie (and discussing the show after wards), you will learn to express yourself and your needs with confidence.

Grammar & Pronunciation
The selective introduction of grammatical explanations and the systematic correction of pronunciation allow you to grasp the workings of the French language, to understand quickly what is said or written, and to make yourself better understood.

Model Phrases
To extend your learning experience beyond the classroom, we develop digital « model phrases ». These digital recordings allow you to practice key linguistic lessons during and after each lesson.

Support Documents
We provide a wide variety of carefully thought out documents tailored to your programme. These hand-outs are stand-alone and not tied to a standard format since each course is tailored to the student’s profile and wishes.