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Hello, my name is Elodie. 
While studying for a bachelor’s degree in English and a Marster’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language, I worked in Edinburgh as a French assistant (1 year), followed training sessions in Trinity College and worked in l’Alliance Française in Dublin (3 months).
After gaining my diplomas, I worked in several International French institutes as a teacher such as le CFPPA in Serres, le Céla in Avignon (2 years), le Céran Provence in Morières-les-Avignon (more than 2 years)  before creating Melfi@lacarte in 2006.

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What is MELFI ?

MELFI stands for Méthodes d’Enseignement de la Langue Française Interactives. Melfi @ la carte because flexible lesson options allow you to make the best use of your time and our friendly, intimate structure makes you feel at ease.


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Melfi is located in the charming village of Mormoiron, situated between Mont Ventoux and the Plateau du Vaucluse. Mormoiron is a peaceful village, with houses perched on high, narrow streets, numerous covered passages and beautiful old fountains, overlooking breathtaking countryside. Not to be missed : the Museum of Archaeology and Palaeontology, which will take you back 600 million years and allow you to discover the history of the human race through its fossils and human remains. In Mormoiron, you will be able to: Discuss with local business people; Taste regional products like wines, cheeses and olive oil; Go to the cinema; Swim, cycle, hike and play golf. Discover more leisure activities in Mormoiron.

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Elodie is a great teacher and a wonderful woman. I had the pleasure to know her personally and to study with her in the small and super friendly classroom in Mormoiron before the lockdown and, after that, on Zoom during the quarantine. She has been my first friend in France and thanks to her I managed to get a good level of French in a few months. Her teaching method is excellent, very personalized, funny and effective. I feel very lucky to have met Elodie in my life because my experience in France would not have been so beautiful if I had not shared it with her. Thank you so much for everything, Elodie.
Italian Student
I had only a basic level of French when I began studying with Elodie. Of all the language teachers I have had, she is one of the best. I have quickly progressed from a beginner level to an advanced intermediate level. Elodie is incredibly flexible with her scheduling. I take lessons in person while in France and via Skype while in the US. This has allowed me to maintain a consistent learning schedule but also to experience many cultural nuances. Elodie is incredibly well read and is able to discuss virtually any topic which makes for some very interesting learning sessions and goes way beyond learning to ask directions and order in a restaurant. In short, she teaches you to live in French. I recommend her highly for any level and any age group. Her teaching methods are exellent and yeild excellent results. If I had any complaint it would be that she is teaching me so well that I may not need lessons for much longer. But if and when I arrive at that point, I will consider her a dear friend and mentor.
If you read my comment, please have a look at what the other students said about Elodie and her teaching abilities. Every single word is true. I was a beginner, a year later I can say I'm a fluent speaker, thank you so much Elodie, you're extremely competent! Indeed, Elodie is a patient and caring teacher. She has a great attitude and always starts her lessons with a welcoming smile. It is a joy to be her student as it is obvious that she enjoys teaching. She knows how to give you just enough language to challenge you, but you never feel overwhelmed because she has the ability to recognize when review is required or when concepts have been grasped. I can't recommend Elodie enough! If you have a chance to learn from her, don't let the opportunity slip past you. I'm so glad I didn't!


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