European Reference Framework for Languages

Melfi encompasses, within the course, research from the European Reference Framework for languages. This framework guides the teachers in training objectives and provides a standard form of teaching evaluation throughout Europe.

* A1 and A2 basic user
* B1 and B2 intermediate user
* C1 and C2 proficient user

Grid of the European Passport (common reference language framework set by the Council of Europe)

The objective of these levels is the acquisition of the basic lexical, grammatical and phonological skills, responding to simple and real needs. At the end of level A2, you will be able to:
  • describe in a few phrases and using simple means a recent experience;
  • communicate a simple and routine situation, committing few language erros which might prevent you from being clearly understood;
  • understand the point of a discussion on a familiar theme or story.

The objective of these levels is to reinforce your grammatical knowledge and to acquire an ease with the spoken word. You will be able to discuss current events and communicate spontaneously. At the end of level B2, you will be able to:

  • make a clear and detailed presentation on a range of subjects from your sphere of interest;
  • participate actively in a discussion, expound and defend your opinions with clear arguments;
  • follow a speech of a certain length and of a certain argument, on a subject which is familiar to you;
  • understand the better part of the newspapers and televised news, assuming a standard form of the language is used.

The objective of these levels is the spontaneous use of language in your professional and social life, the grasping of subtleties and the understanding of all types of documents. At the end of level C2, you will be able to:

  • communicate using complex phrases, appreciating the nuances of the language;
  • participate with ease in any sort of conversation or discussion without anyone having to adapt their language to suit you;
  • understand any speech, whatever the level of the language or the speed of deliver.