Student Reviews

Student Reviews

Please send in your student reviews and comments! All feedback is important to the continued development of Melfi @lacarte courses.
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Name :
Sara Robinson
Review :
Thirty five years had passed since my last French lesson when I started again three years ago taking classes with Elodie. And I could not have found a better teacher.Elodie is extremely intelligent and insightful. She is absolutely charming, endlessly patient and she has an excellent sense of humour. All of her wonderful personal and professional qualities have been put to the test in helping me kick-start my French studies once more.I have found that having simply a holiday home in France can limit the opportunity to develop an extended social network of native French friends with whom one can discuss all manner of subjects at a meaningful level.
Taking this into account, Elodie has worked patiently to improve my school vocabulary and to eliminate my verbal tics. She has helped me build up my confidence and thus enabled me to converse with French speakers, more readily, and across a broader range of topics than I previously would have been able to tackle (ranging from the everyday to more abstract philosophical issues).

She has provided me with essay topics on current affairs and other issues to improve my grammatical structures and to give me practice in debating in the French way. Elodie’s lessons can be intellectually rigorous and exacting but I have always found them pleasurable and I often come away from my lessons thinking of Elodie as much my friend as my teacher.

Elodie’s style is flexible and she has tailored her lessons to match my ability and needs. She has consistently, and kindly, supported me to the extent of enabling me to consider now applying to take the DELF exams.

Elodie is a first rate teacher: it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to recommend her and I do so unreservedly.

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